About Us

Hi everyone!

Welcome to vshare.ninja. I’m Feroz Pasha. in my 20s I was in search of an app that can help me to download premium games, apps, and much more from a single source. During such a survey I can cross the Vshare app and I must say it’s a lot more easy to use. 

And the best part: The app is free to use and works on all platforms including Android, iOS, and PC. All my friends and family also use the vshare app because of my recommendation.

The Main Aim of Creating this vshare.ninja site is, Many People are facing some issues on how to use and download vShare App on their device. We will also publish some tutorials related to the use of vShare. You can also contact us using the contact form found in the contact us page.

If you have any issue regarding this site then don’t hesitate please use our Contact Us form.